Be more adaptive and less reactive

Online via Zoom - MDT In the Mountain Daylight Timezone, Alberta, Canada

Life’s a school: learn, flow with life, practice, and understand your inner, outer, and spiritual worlds. Life is a big school with continual lessons. Become aware of what you are experiencing. Learn to go with the flow instead of against the tide. We are all just practicing. Take the time to understand your inner and […]

FREE Talk – Inner Peace, Vibrant and Balanced Living!

Online via Zoom - US ET In the US Eastern Timezone, United States

Learn about Living in balance with your head and heart to receive all the positive energy from the Universe. Learn about your four gifts of perception/communication. These gifts will help you to express your authentic self and communicate with your Spiritual Helpers (Angels), youself ,as well as the people in your life. Experience a technique […]

You are Never Alone

Online via Zoom - AEST In the Australian AEST Timezone, Australia

Spiritual understanding of life from birth to death,balance,science,religion & society,guardian angels,four gifts, cycles of life and more. This Session: A compact presentation of the basic facts of your life as a soul on planet earth. It will give you the understanding of who you are, where you have come from and where you are going so […]

Your Life, Your Masterpiece

Online via Zoom - PDT In the Pacific Timezone, British Columbia, Canada

If you think you're not creative, think again! If you can dream it, you can create it. Your life is the canvas you are painting with each feeling, thought, decision, action and experience. With an open mind and a little flexibility, you can become aware of all the resources that have been guiding you your […]

Go For Your Great – Trust Yourself More

Online via Zoom - ET In the Canadian Eastern Timezone, Canada

Be secure in the facts of your life purpose. Be versatile & flexible in how you create it. Use more of your internal resources & be great!