Four Simple Steps: A Simple, Step-by-Step Program for Personal Expansion

The Inner Peace Movement is a community-based, educational program that provides an organized structure through which you can progress step by step to clarify yourself.

There are four simple steps:

  • STEP 1: The Orientation Lecture
  • STEP 2: The Personal Dynamics: You Are Energy! Technique Workshop
  • STEP 3: Weekly Groupwork
  • STEP 4: Advanced Workshops and Camps

With each step, you will learn tools and techniques that will take you deeper in your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. IPM is a watering hole for the spirit to which you can return as often as you need. As you work with this program, you will find renewed confidence in yourself and you will enjoy your life more.

Step One

The Orientation Lecture (the understanding)

The IPM Orientation Lecture is a compact presentation of the basic facts of spiritual existence. It gives you a universal understanding of your big picture as a soul on planet earth. You will learn about:

  • the truth of yourself as a soul
  • life after death
  • the four avenues of spiritual perception
  • the reality of guardian angels or spirit guides
  • your life purpose
  • the 7-year cycles of life

During the lecture you will have an opportunity to experience techniques that will enable you to feel your soul energy and to receive “aura impressions”.

Step Two

The Personal Dynamics: You Are Energy! Technique Workshop (the experience)

The Personal Dynamics: You Are Energy! Technique Workshop takes the concepts presented in the Orientation Lecture and helps you to begin making them practical in your own life through techniques and sharings.

During this three-hour program, you will have the chance to experience beginning-level techniques for:

  • communicating with your guidance
  • clearing and buffering your energy
  • using each of your four spiritual gifts of communication
  • tapping and directing the immense power available to you for healing and accomplishment

By the end of this program, you will have experienced the basics of spiritual communication and will have a feeling for how you can work with your own energy to achieve positive results.

Step Three

Community Group-work (consistent practice)

Groupwork is the heart of the IPM program. It provides an organized format for growth. This is the place where you learn through consistent practice to communicate with your guidance, to unfold your “psychic” abilities and to take charge of your energy.

IPM groups are composed of people in your community and meet once a week for two hours. Each session focuses on a different topic. Each session builds on the previous to help you unfold more of the real you at your own pace.

People who have experienced groupwork, have discovered profound changes occurring in their lives: deeper respect for themselves, greater harmony in their personal relationships and increased accomplishment.

Step Four

Workshops and Camps (accelerated growth)

Workshops and camp programs enable you to go even deeper in specific topics and areas: such as communication with guidance, the gifts, healing, creativity, direction and leadership.

These give you the ability to expand at your own pace in the areas that you need.