Our whole life is sacred. Each day we wake up and have a tremendous opportunity to create our own experience to be just as joyful as we decide to be. No matter what is happening in our life, we can be grounded and in charge. When we are relaxed and connected to our own beingness, we can stay centered, transcend hindrances and unerringly find our way. By focusing on the wisdom and truth within ourselves, we can overcome doubts, worries and fears. A challenge can turn into an opportunity for further learning and growth, expanding our wisdom and ability to relate to others.

We have many gifts we can share with others. No act is too small and whatever we focus on will expand. A caring smile, a warm greeting, listening attentively in conversations, speaking our truth with kindness, appreciating others, being sincere — all these will help our world for which we are the constant gardeners. As beings of light, we create an energy grid and safety net around the planet. Living our sacred inner values with every breath, the good that we share will ripple out to our loved ones, environment and community. We can plant the seeds with thoughts, words and actions that are infused with love and light. We can safeguard what is sacred to us – our free will, our higher self and our ability to create and manifest whatever we desire.

As spiritual beings of light, living consciously each day, we can strengthen both our heritage and our destiny. The path ahead can be paved with a deep connection to ourselves, being who we really are, powerful and dynamic. If we believe in ourselves, we will let our intuition and wisdom guide us. Trusting ourselves builds self-empowerment. If we still the noise of the thinking mind, we will hear the voice of our heart and find an inner guidance that will lead us on a path of light, joy and fulfillment.

Never forget to practice gratitude for all your blessings, small and big. Spend time in nature and connect with the sacredness of life to feel renewed, inspired and nurtured. Take time daily to enjoy your creativity — cooking a favourite meal, taking photos, painting, singing, rearranging your furniture, dancing in your living room…. Everyone is creative! Laugh often and have fun with the intention of living a joyful, healthy life filled with fulfilling opportunities and relationships. Celebrate life and all that is sacred to you!

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