In a vehicle, the engine or battery generates the power and the steering wheel directs where the vehicle goes.

This is how our feelings and thoughts work together. Our feelings are like the power in the car. This is our creative part, where our inspirations and true motivation come from.

When inspired by our true feelings, we get involved in an activity because we want to, not because we think we should in order to please someone else. When working from our true feelings, we are tapping into the highest source of energy available to man. It is like feeding our engine with premium fuel. It runs smoother.

To turn our feelings into reality, we must provide direction. This is where we can effectively use our thoughts to gather the facts and organize our next steps. Sometimes we know where we want to go but might not know how to get there. We can either give up or we can trust our feelings and take the first step. Then the next step becomes clear. Gradually, step by step, with patience, we will get where we want to go.

When we have a feeling to do something and then procrastinate or doubt, it feels like driving a car that requires maintenance. By denying our feelings, things won’t work in balance or as well as they could. The quality of the drive gets rougher, and if we ignore it too long, we may even break down.

When we deny our feelings, we are giving the source of our power away to the thinking mind that creates doubt, worry and encourages us to procrastinate. This is like putting on the brakes, slowing us down or even stopping us completely. The thinking mind is trying to take over the job of our feelings. When this happens, we may rebel, experience emotions of resentment, anger, revenge or competition, trying to prove ourselves. These emotions are an alarm that we are not listening to ourselves, to our feelings. It can be rough ride.

The solution is to reunite our feeling and thoughts, in a continuous cycle of FEEL, THINK, ACT. In other words, we get a feeling, organize what we want to do and then act on it. This is how we can trust ourselves more, and step by step learn to function at peak performance. This is a natural ability we all have if we just relax and take one step at a time.

When our feelings and thoughts are working together, it feels like a harmonious relationship within. By trusting our feelings, we stop arguing with ourselves and sabotaging our endeavours. We move our lives forward with purpose and direction and don’t let anything interfere with our progress.

“Your Unlimited Energy”

Leslie Willett Black
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“I celebrated after experiencing this course! I saw how much I have personally resolved in the areas of resentment, rebellion and competition, and how much that buffers me and continues to strengthen me.”
– Leslie Willett Black, Toronto, ON, Canada
“In this course I came to understand that competition is about wanting to be first, wanting to be the best, wanting to prove something. But if I consider that as a soul I am one with all, these things don’t matter.”
– Mariette Seed, Edmonton, AB, Canada
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