Wendolyn Melford

Through her involvement in the Inner Peace Movement Wendolyn found the help and encouragement she was looking for. She discovered an approach to life that helped her as a young housewife and mother to realise that everything in life is important. She joined a weekly discovery group where she was shown simple techniques which helped her to relax , laugh and have more fun in her life. Since then she has been able to help a lot of people by sharing the Inner Peace Movement programme with them.

Wendolyn has travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand with the message of inner peace. She has also been to Puerto Rico, Washington DC, Atlanta, Canada, England and Ireland with the Inner Peace Movement.

Wendolyn believes that love is the key to success. “Love what you do. Love the challenges that come your way.” She says, “It is your life. Make it happen for YOU! You can maintain a positive attitude about yourself. If things seem too hard or too difficult, decide how you would like them to be, then change them.”