Shannon Paapanen

SHANNON PAAPANEN has presented talks and workshops with the Inner Peace Movement for more than thirty-five years. Her greatest joy comes from passing on the simple and practical tools and techniques of the program to those who are sincerely seeking answers for themselves.

“When I was searching, I didn’t want anyone giving me answers. I wanted to find my own answers within. That is why communication with my angels appealed to me. Once I knew how to do that, I felt truly free.”

“The founder of this program said, ‘It is only though self-understanding that individuals can put direction into their own lives and lead others.’ It is through that process of self-understanding that I have learned to communicate more effectively with myself, my angels, my family and loved ones and the world at large. I have learned to trust myself more, rely on my inner strength and discern on a deeper level what is happening in environments around me so that I can navigate those environments with more ease and success.”

“I believe everyone is unique and can live their dream in all facets of their lives – personal, business and social. You can chart your own course in life. It starts with acknowledging who you truly are.”

Shannon has given programs throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean in both English and Spanish.