Mandana Rastan

Mandana Rastan is an instructor, speaker, consultant and national director. She helps people to be more joyful and in charge of their life. She shares practical tools and techniques and a step-by-step program offered by the Inner Peace Movement to help people expand their inner leadership and trust themselves more. They can communicate with their spirit guides, find their own answers, be true to themselves and create the life they want with inner security and confidence. Mandana believes that with patience and dedication to their own growth people can have more resilience and turn challenges into opportunities for success.

Mandana has also been teaching English to newcomers to Canada for over 30 years, helping them gain confidence in their communication skills and integrate into Canadian society.

“Having balance and peace of mind becomes a part of life when you gain clarity and self-understanding,” says Mandana. “You can celebrate who you are while being in harmony with others.”