Karen Cramer

​KAREN CRAMER, born in Los Angeles California, began searching in her 20’s for an avenue to further her self-understanding. She had a thirst for spiritual awareness and for a bigger picture of life. This led her to the Inner Peace Movement orientation lecture.

At that time, she was having experiences with her extrasensory perception, her natural sixth sense,  and she wanted to understand those experiences. After attending the IPM lecture, she knew she had found an avenue for  personal growth and for opportunity as a spiritual educator.

She also learned about her unique message “Not to forget to do for myself first”. The Inner Peace Movement ignited her drive for her own spiritual freedom to expand beyond society’s expectations and roles.

The Inner Peace Movement teaches that everybody has the ability to receive hunches and impressions on a daily basis to help you be successful with your journey here on planet earth. Never looking back Karen began giving introductory lectures, consultations, seminars and courses and has been doing them ever since. Karen believes strongly that each person has their own unique life purpose and the Inner Peace Movement offers  tools and techniques to develop that purpose. “If you give a hungry man a fish today he’ll only be hungry tomorrow. But if you teach a man how to fish he’ll  never have a hungry day again.”