Gwen McGregor

Gwen McGregor is an educator in the field of self-awareness with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. She has traveled throughout Canada presenting IPM seminars. A certified Instructor and Spiritual Consultant, she offers the Inner Peace Movement lecture, Personal Dynamics technique workshop and other IPM programs in the community. She is also available for private consultations.

Gwen attended her first Inner Peace Movement lecture in 1972 when searching for a deeper sense of purpose. She believes that the Inner Peace Movement gives people the tools they need to trust their true feelings and clarify their life’s purpose. “There is a momentum to what we have come to do and we can sense the right timing to bring out our dreams. We can learn to communicate with our angels for help and reassurance along the way.”

Gwen retired from nursing in 2002 and lives in Nanaimo, BC. She knows life is meant to be fun and shares with people how to find the same inner joy and zest she enjoys from using the IPM tools presented in programs.