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Reunite With Your Feelings – Trust Yourself More

June 18 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

You were born happy, trusting your feelings. Clarify the source of interference and find solutions to reunite with your natural ability!

You were born happy, trusting your feelings. Reunite with your natural ability! Clarify where you fit in the bigger picture of life.

When we become so sensitized to our environments, and the great expectations of others, we assume the emotions and judgements that clutter the mind represent “who we are.” However, this is not true.

Learn about your life’s true potential when your feelings and thoughts work together in harmony. Recognize the subtle signs that tell us they are disconnected and how that can create dis-ease. With a balance of your feelings and thoughts life can be more fulfilling.

Get the facts and experience for yourself. The Inner Peace Movement helps clarify the real you. It is an experiential program that gives you freedom to rely on your own resources and trust your feelings more. Attend a free seminar. You may hear something that resonates with you.

Learn to recognize the presence of your spiritual helpers, angels or guides and how they communicate with you for reassurance in daily living. Everyone has at least one angel helping them navigate life. Check out the angel stories on the page.

The Inner Peace Movement (IPM) helps you find your calm within and practice living it. That is how we regain the inner peace, that with which we were born.

Everyone is doing good and the Inner Peace Movement shares tools and techniques so you can do better.

The Inner Peace Movement is not something you join but you are welcome to participate for as long as you want. It is a non-profit educational organization with programs to support the practical application of what you are learning for a more balanced, purposeful and meaningful life.

Register now and attend the FREE seminar. All are invited to attend.

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