There is a time to let things happen, and a time to make things happen.
– Anonymous

If you have been successful, excelled or triumphed in certain areas of your life then chances are that you have likely taken some degree of initiative to do that. Initiative is moving into action on an idea or goal that you want to see fulfilled. It can be recognizing an opportunity or something that could be done better and then taking action to see it through and make it happen. It springs from a desire or a drive to achieve.

People who take initiative are proactive in getting things done or implementing change. They don’t wait around to be told what to do or how to do it. They are curious, searchers or seekers, scouts that are looking for a way and means to do what they are feeling inspired to do and then taking action to do it.

Jumping over a pond as the sun rises.

You have probably heard the phrase “action speaks louder than words”. That’s initiative. Taking initiative can help you to see what you are really capable of. It can stretch you, build an inner strength or confidence in you and it is fulfilling. People who take initiative realize it is a proactive way to help themselves and take charge of their own life.

Joining hands with a team.

If you want to take more initiative in certain areas of your life, here are four little things to consider:

  • Be more concerned with what you can gain from taking initiative and less concerned about what people may think or whether or not things will work out.
  • Once you take the first step, inspiration and creativity will flow easily. Investigate or research what will get you to the next step after that and you will find that additional ideas and plans will fall into place and opportunity will open up with ease.
  • Even if you feel you are not yet equipped to take on the task, you can get help and advice from those who do have experience or knowledge in that area. Just ask!
  • Know what your motives are: WHY are you taking this initiative? If your motives are clear – if you are doing it because you truly desire in your heart to do so – know that the whole universe is backing and supporting you in your endeavour.

Chances are you will leave things better than they were before – better for yourself and better for others. The bonus will be that you will have learned much along the way. So part the clouds and let your initiative shine through. Go for it!

A group of scouts pores over a map.
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