In the words of the American author, Jodi Picoult, “Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” What better month could there be than December, this special time of the year, for reflecting on your achievements and celebrating them with your family and friends. It is a month of good cheer!

A family celebrates a meal together.

December is a good time to review your experiences of the last year so you can celebrate them. Here is a suggestion. Find a quiet place where you can be by yourself and relax. Write down the answers to the following questions. Take your time; there is no need to rush. As you go along you may garner insights as to how much you have learned from your experiences that you didn’t realize. Proceed slowly answering each question:

  • What did I do over the past year?
  • What did I learn from what I did?
  • Which experience did I enjoy the most?
  • Where could I improve or do better the next time?
A woman celebrating in a field of sunflowers.

Be proud and happy with what you have put together for yourself. This makes it easy in turn to share your heartfelt feelings with others. Your enthusiasm will help lift the spirits of others. This is needed during the present time when the world is going through evolutionary change. Accentuate the positive and share with others your heartfelt feelings. We can best help others by helping ourselves first, not in the egotistic sense we are the only pebble on the beach but in having true concern to share the love and kindness we feel within. Let those feelings of goodwill radiate out to create a community of like-minded people around you.

Life is a gift. Celebrate what you bring to the table. It is surprising what one kind word exchanged with another in need can do. A simple gesture like a warm smile of acceptance can encourage others to join in and to feel part of things. Observe what you sense others need and you will feel fulfillment in being of service to them in a simple, easy way.

The start of the new year brings new beginnings. This could be a good time to make one important resolution: to create a new habit of always celebrating the good things in your life! There are many little things we take for granted like being able to flip a switch and instantly light up our whole house or turn a dial to create warmth for ourselves. Appreciating the beauty that Mother Nature continuously brings, enjoying the laughter of children, relishing the exuberance and love of pets: embrace it all and savour it! Most important of all – take time to have fun!

'Celebrate' etched on a Christmas ornament.
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