Have you ever had a feeling of chills all over on hearing a song or something insightful that someone has said? Maybe you can recall saying something yourself and felt that feeling. Have you ever prayed for help and just felt a feeling of peace or felt uplifted within yourself? Or maybe you had a problem to solve and out of the blue, when you least expect it, a solution pops into your head either as a picture or a thought /idea or an inner knowing or a strong gut feeling. Chances are this was a message from your Guardian Angels.

Did you have an imaginary friend you played with as a child? One who was fun and helpful. Odds are it was one of your Guardian Angels.

Child and angel walking a forest path.

Sometimes people have hunches or premonitions – do you take notice or just shrug it off only to look back later and think, “If only….” Dreams are another way your Guardian Angels get through to you. A dream of success or a dream which is a warning of something you need to heed or something that is about to happen to someone in your life. Our Guardian Angels communicate to us through many avenues, through other people, a message in a book, a movie, symbols in nature, etc.

By being more consciously aware of our insights we can be more open to catching the message of our angels. They are like our mentors, here to back us to live our life from our true feelings of love as we experience the tapestry of life and learn from our experiences both fond ones and challenging ones.With tolerance and careful attention to noticing the insights that come from them, life can become an opportunity to delight in the journey.

Catching a feather in an outstretched hand.

Here are some keys to help you tune into your Guardian Angels:

  • Be alert to insights when you are doing mundane repetitive jobs that don’t entail a lot of focus, like washing up, digging in the garden, the words of a song that give you goosebumps, something someone else is sharing, a drawing or a picture that resonates. We actually get many insights in a day​.
  • Take time to go out in nature and tune into the peacefulness. Be aware of what pops into your head or something that catches your attention.
  • If you have a problem, going for a walk can help you find the space to tune in to possible solutions.
  • Take time out morning and evening to sit quietly, take some deep breaths and relax. Go over your day and ask yourself and your angels what have I learned today?
  • Write it down and be pleasantly surprised at the gift even the most mundane, or challenging experience has created an opportunity for you to grow stronger and navigate your life with confidence.
  • Attend an Inner Peace Movement Orientation Lecture and learn more about your angels!

You are never alone. Guidance is always just waiting for you to call. They will comfort you and guide you.

Showing someone directions on a map.
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