Relax, take a deep breath, quiet your mind to go within and feel at peace. Now you are connected to the SOURCE. The source is inside of you. It is your connection to the universe.

We all come from the SOURCE. We are all part of the rhythms and routines of the universe: the rotation of planet earth; the revolution through our solar system; the currents of our oceans,the flow of our rivers. We feel this motion as being a part of, or as being one with. It is a natural part of our energy flow to be always plugged in to the SOURCE.

Woman on a beach at sunrise.

​We can enjoy the things of planet earth while experiencing the energy of which we are a part (one with) in the cosmos. Yes, we get to be in two places at one time! We are living in the world of the physical and the world of the spiritual. And that’s what makes planet earth so wonderful. Our overall purpose, however, is spiritual.

When we are born, we are so much in that feeling of being one with the SOURCE and pure spiritual energy: joy and love. But planet earth is organized in systems, and, as our intellect develops and starts analyzing, so can a feeling of separation. The only separation that we have from feeling at “one” is in our thinking or our thought patterns. Our true feelings can get distorted, and separated from our connection to the SOURCE.

Child in a field of green.

​With increased awareness, however, we can align our thinking and our energy with positive energy and reap the benefits of the crystal clear energy, inspiration, clear perspective and deeper connection always available from the SOURCE.

When our beliefs or true feelings – the good, kind, loving part of us – align with our thoughts we feel harmony within. There is no proving or trying, or putting pressure on ourselves. We are only being us, shining our light on those around us.

As we increasingly live from our inner feelings, we will find that there is no separation from the “all” that is within, the real us, and no separation from the all that we know as the universe, the cosmos, or “God”.

Instead of feeling down, discouraged, or thinking that the world is against us, we can tune in to this crystal clear SOURCE of energy that is backing and supporting us in our journey through planet earth. Wherever we go, we belong. Wherever we go there is LOVE!

With this awareness we raise our vibration and find healing, allowing us to energize our physical body to be in tune with ourself and the SOURCE.

Young child running and flying a kite.
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