If you perceive a big boulder blocking your path, how do you react? Your first reaction may be frustration, anger or even fear. Some hindrances may be easy to navigate around while others may be showstoppers. It is how we react to them that counts. The biggest hindrance is when we use our thinking mind for the wrong purpose.

In reality, the boulder is just sitting around doing what is natural for rocks. It is the thoughts we have about the boulder in our path that give it the power to impede our progress. Maybe you think that getting around the rock is too hard, too much work or just not worth the effort. You might even blame the rock.

Is the rock in your way a hindrance?

It is possible to create a balanced approach to finding solutions when faced by hindrances. First, quiet your mind, relaxing with whatever technique works for you. Second, clarify the facts of the hindrance. Ask yourself, what is going on, when did it start, where is it coming from, and why does it seem to be blocking your path?

Have you ever had an idea to do something and talked yourself out of it, only to regret later not having followed through with the idea? The idea comes from your heart, your true feelings. The doubts and arguments come from your head, the thinking mind. The true role of the intellect is to organize the steps to implement your idea, not to talk you out of it. If we listen to the head – its excuses and fears – we might miss solutions that come from our heart. So, stop, take a few deep breaths and quiet the mind to allow possible solutions to appear – a picture in your mind’s eye, a feeling to do something, a thought or an inner knowing. Then you can use the intellect to organize the situation.

Taking the time to meditate before trying to overcome a challenge.

Here is a simple example:
What: Get my hair cut with “my favorite stylist.”
When: Today
Where: At the Hair Studio
Why: To look presentable for an important job interview.

You get to the hair salon and find that “my favourite stylist” is not available. Do you then get discouraged and walk away, or are you flexible to find a solution? Do you remember that your main objective was to get your hair cut before your job interview, not necessarily to see your favourite stylist? Is another stylist available? Armed with clear facts, alternative ways to accomplish your goal may start to appear. Obstacles disappear and are replaced with feelings of purpose and accomplishment. How we think can either be our biggest hindrance or a way to find solutions, the path around the boulder blocking our path.

Haircut success!
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