The essence of a blueprint to resist temptation is to keep things simple and in order so that life flows easily, free of temptation to stray into paths that are not healthy for us. This applies to every aspect of our life – in our business dealings, our social relationships or our personal life.

Above all, our motives must remain clear which means we need to act from our heart and not out of feelings of obligation or duty.

In BUSINESS: It means to stay focused, to set boundaries and resist the temptation to gossip or move into social energy. We might lose focus and direction by falling into procrastination mode: “I can do that later….” Or thinking: “They can do it better than I can or they know more than I do, so why should I bother….” Stay relaxed with good orderly direction to get a job done and feel happiness and pride rather than being tempted into sidetracks.

In SOCIAL: It is important to keep things simple by discerning motives – the reason why we or anyone else does things – and listening to our own feelings to avoid the temptation of getting involved in other people’s problems. Say what you mean and mean what you say with kindness. When you know what you want to do, when, where and why you want to do it, you will always know what you are gaining from it so you can enjoy it. If the WHY you are doing it is because someone else expects or demands it of you, you won’t enjoy yourself or have much fun! Who wants to do something you “have” to do! Don’t be tempted to do something you don’t want to do just to please someone else. It never works!

In PERSONAL: Clear out clutter, both mental and physical by asking yourself is this essential, is it important or is it trivia? Essential means you need it. Important means you can give it to someone else who could do something with it. Trivia means don’t be tempted to even bother with it unless you have time on your hands. And don’t be tempted to indulge in negative self-talk, for example, “This job will never get done!”

In relationships – both business and social – it is important to learn all the lessons that were meant to be learned before being tempted to move on. Otherwise you will only attract another person with the same kind of energy. You could be in a marriage for many decades and keep thinking, “I should leave….” But unless you have learned the lessons to be learned from that relationship you will only attract another person with a different name but with the same energy.

Avoid any temptation that might sidetrack you, even momentarily, from your purpose in all areas of your life by staying as clear, as focused and as directed as possible.

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