True motivation comes from within. Motivation is having the inner impetus to bring your desires to life. What are your desires? Sometimes in our busy lives we get so preoccupied with staying on top of things that we ignore our inner hunches and feelings.

There are big desires and little desires. There are needs and there are wants. Needs are essential for our development and survival; wants are not vital to our survival but they are nice to have. Cultivate quiet moments to tap into your inner knowing and desires. Let your heart tell you what you truly need. Trust that an answer will come.

Some suggestions to relax, stop thinking and draw out your inner desires:

  • Go for a walk, bike ride or horseback ride
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Get outside into nature. Being near water is always good
  • Do something fun to shake out the doldrums
  • Connect with someone who makes you laugh
  • Gaze into a fire
  • Have a glass of wine

Sometimes it is the everyday mundane things that we need motivation to surmount, such as changing a light bulb, taking out the garbage, or making an appointment. We may feel that we don’t have time, that we are tired, or that we don’t know where to begin. When the item nags at us, we need to take action and just deal with the matter. We may find instant relief.

It is not just about striking things off a “to do” list. It is about the sense of fulfillment that is derived from taking the required action to improve a situation or improve how you feel. If something hanging over you makes you feel uncomfortable, find a way to remedy it. Don’t let it hold you hostage! Set aside time to deal with items you have been putting off but you know will make you feel better if they are done. Begin with small steps, like dealing with that burnt out light bulb, for example. Sometimes it is our “thoughts” about taking action that can be a greater obstacle than just buckling down and doing what needs doing.

Bigger desires will take more time, effort, planning, patience, and possibly outside resources. Don’t let that stop you! Work steadily and efficiently toward your dreams, goals and desires. When we are brave and challenge ourselves, we grow.

Trust your heart to take action that will help you feel better about yourself and your life. You can do it! The rewards will be so worthwhile.

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