Every experience that we have is made up of many small details. In the final results, some details are more important than others. Knowing how to identify the truly essential details can be vital. For example, you can easily recognize the essential details when preparing a meal. Having the right oven temperature and accurate length of cooking time can mean the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding meal. Michelin stars are not won by restaurants being oblivious to detail!

Details are part of every experience we have so it’s helpful to clarify which details are essential to the success of our actions, which are important and which can be disregarded as not having much impact on the end result.

The details we deal with fall mainly into two categories: the physical and the spiritual. Physical details in our daily lives are readily apparent: details such as maintaining our physical body – taking a shower, getting a haircut – or dealing with our physical environment – knowing the day of garbage pickup in your area. To handle physical details well is mostly a matter of organizing the facts into four categories; what, when, where and why.

However, we might be less alert to the details involved in maintaining our spiritual life. We are a unique soul that has come to experience life in the physical body and to unfold our awareness of who we are: the sum total of every thought, feeling and experience that we have ever had. The spiritual details of our life could be thought of as the actions we take to put our thoughts and feelings into action in a way that aligns with our life purpose. That way we can find peace of mind by staying on the spiritual path which we have chosen for ourselves. If we stray from that path we will automatically experience stress and tension.

Here are some details that are important in any spiritual practice to assist us in staying on our life path with consequent inner peace:

  • Breathing: is vital to our body but also helps us to be aware of the present moment. Proper breathing grounds and revitalizes us.
  • Meditation: comes in many forms but the main purpose is to listen to our inner self.
  • Prayer: is when we ask the universe for spiritual guidance and are open to receive the assistance that is always available.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: or clearing of the mind helps us to attune ourselves to positive energy and to be receptive to insights from the universe.
  • Journaling: helps us to keep tabs on our spiritual progress.
  • Fellowship: socializing with a community of like-minded souls accelerates our inner growth and stimulates longevity.

The spiritual details of our life – expressing our unique energy in everything we do – combined with the physical details ensures we have the building blocks of a happy and successful life.

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