Think for a moment – if you ate the same meal every day, three times a day, it would be boring! If your life were a dish, what ingredients could you add to improve it and make it more interesting? What about a secret ingredient – a dash of audacity – to add zing!

What kind of change are you craving? Zest? Tangy excitement? The salt of stability? Sweetness? Or are you searching for that enigmatic umami of life that feeds your very soul? It’s time to experiment with bold adjustments for a more wide ranging life menu.

The first step is to have the audacity to believe that change is possible and to believe in your own dreams! Then put on your chef’s hat, gather your ingredients, pull out your pots and pans and get cooking with some creativity to make your dreams a reality! Here are a few “cooking tips” to create the change you hunger for:-

Add one cup of boldness. Be brave! Making change can require putting aside fears and trying new things. Challenge yourself in small ways to step out of your comfort zone. Think of your life as a test kitchen where there are no failures, only experiments leading to a tastier and more fulfilling life.

Whisk in half a liter of unconventional thinking. Be creative! You won’t get anywhere new by doing things the same old way. Ask for help from the universe or your higher power, and then be open to the suggestions or opportunities that come along.

Simmer over low heat, stirring often. Be patient! Some dishes take time for flavors to build and blend. Be patient with yourself while you are learning new things and putting new plans into action.

Top with a healthy dollop of panache. Be you! You are a unique soul with your own purpose and way of communicating, so give yourself permission to revel in your own specialness! Express yourself with your own style or flair and allow your natural charisma to shine.

Be careful not to over spice. Be considerate! Like hot chili pepper, audacity is a powerful spice that comes in a range of heat from mild to “blow your head off”! Be bold and assertive while remaining respectful and kind to others. A little audacity can go a long way, so be attentive to how much you use!

Like most successful chefs who create amazing new dishes by building on a foundation of traditional cooking, you are not starting from scratch. You are starting with your own classical recipe – YOU! – and have more wisdom, experience and help than you know to build on.

Bon appétit!

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