A river has a purpose. It is constantly moving forward with an innate drive to get back home to its source, the ocean. Like a river, we all have somewhere to go; we all have a purpose. As I see it, that is to advance spiritually, to get back home to Spirit.

How persistent are we in moving ourselves forward? Do we consistently move obstacles out of the way and go over, under or around them as water does? Or do we sit back waiting for “something” to happen resulting in stagnation.

There is a saying that what I resist persists. For example, if there is that one person in my life that I consider to be a thorn in my side, they will be so for as long as I hold that attitude towards them. If I hang onto all the negative thoughts and emotions I have about them, the unpleasant situation will persist until something changes. But who or what is going to change it?

We can persist in harbouring ill thoughts and memories about someone or something, or we can resolve to cultivate a different opinion about the person or situation. The choice is always ours, but be sure that not so good habits of thought will persist until we counter them with new, more positive thoughts. Old habits take time to break and new habits take time to develop; so be patient with yourself and develop a plan of action.

Breaking things down into smaller steps can help make a change. Here are some suggestions:

  • Decide to feel better about someone or something that has caused you grief or anger.

  • Create a positive script to replace the old ‘broken record’ you have played over and over in your head about the person or situation.

  • Be purposeful in focusing on positive or spiritual qualities about that person or situation.

  • Be aware if you slide back into the old script and remind yourself of the new one and why it is necessary to follow it.

  • Be persistent and practice, practice, practice to develop a new outlook on the old situation.

  • Remember that you always have backing from the universe and ask your spiritual guidance for assistance.

The upside is that, when we free the other person or situation to just “be” without any judgment, we free ourselves from being “enslaved” by negative thoughts. Otherwise we can get blinded by them when entrenched in their grip and then we have no wiggle room to adopt something better. Give yourself permission to persist in finding another way.

We are not here to harbour ill will towards others, to see them as “wrong” or to hold onto resentments. The spiritual approach is to “live and let live.” It takes resolve to respect all people no matter what the circumstances. Persist in developing a new habit of letting things go. We can choose new viewpoints at any time. Once accomplished the sense of release, growth, and fulfillment will be worth it.

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