Warning! Peligro! Avertissement! Warnung! We are all familiar with warning signs such as these that alert us to dangers in our physical environment. Attention grabbing signals like the red stop sign or the flashing lights and siren of an emergency vehicle have all been designed to heighten our awareness in the moment so we can navigate a dangerous situation more safely. But what about the warning signs you can’t see? Those little hunches and nudges that alert you that something is not quite right? Those feelings or intuitions can be just as valid an alert as a flashing “Do Not Walk” sign at a crosswalk.

​Everyone has had the experience of sensing something was going to happen before it did. Maybe it was as minor as knowing a glass of milk on the table was going to get knocked over before it did. Or maybe it was something bigger with more significant consequences. Most of the time we heed these warnings naturally and unconsciously with very little effort. “It feels like rain today. I think I’ll take my umbrella.” Or “I wonder if my business client got that communication I sent last week? I’d better call to recheck.” These kinds of alerts, when heeded, make our lives easier, smoother and more successful. When we ignore the inner “suggestions”, we can end up experiencing the “Big Shoe Effect”, wishing we had a big shoe to kick ourselves because we knew we could have done something to avoid the unpleasant outcome. How many of us have uttered those famous last words, “I knew that was going to happen!”

Being alert to the signs and signals the universe is sending us is natural and normal. Most of the time we respond to them without even knowing that we are. In fact, if your life is moving along relatively well and you are generally happy and satisfied with your progress, then you are probably doing a pretty good job of being alert to your sensitivity. However, if you are feeling blocked and frustrated and nothing seems to ever work out, then it could be time to pay more attention to the feelings, ideas, pictures and inner knowings you are receiving. Learning to trust your inner alarm system and taking the appropriate action at the right time can reap big rewards in happiness, health, fulfillment and success. The universe wants you to be happy and to live your life purpose. Remember that your higher power or inner guidance wants to help you reach your goals and unfold your true potential.

Here are a few suggestions for how to become more aware of the beneficial signs and signals the universe is sending you:

  • While involved in your activities, pay attention to the subtle signs and suggestions you receive that could make your life easier. It might be a thought, a feeling or a picture. It might even come through another person. Practice being open and not rejecting new ideas out of hand.

  • When you get a thought or idea, write it down so you can take action on it at the appropriate time.

  • Pay attention to the suggestions that come once, twice, and then again. If something niggles at you three times, it could be something you might want to take a look at. After the third suggestion, however, you may find the universe stops alerting you out of respect for your free will.

  • Avoid becoming overstimulated by the physical alerts in your environment. Constant distractions like news alerts, texts and tweets can keep us in a state of hyper-readiness. This can lead to stress and fatigue, causing us to actually miss the important alerts in our lives. Take time to unplug and tune into your inner self so you can maintain a state of relaxed readiness.

Being relaxed and alert to your inner being can bring joy, fulfillment and success and open your awareness to a new and improved way of life.

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