We are immensely talented and gifted and have the ability to access our inner genius so that when we are presented with something that challenges what we feel competent doing we can help ourselves rise up and meet that challenge. With patience we can accept our ability to think creatively and trust our intuition to come up with simple solutions to situations that may at first seem beyond our grasp.

Self-trust is a key ingredient to listening to our intuition which is a source of inner guidance that nudges us to consider solutions that may be outside of our previous experience. To be in command of ourselves is to trust our intuitive feeling nature first and then be patient to understand what those feelings are telling us about a situation. Our intuition could be letting us know how to approach a supposed problem or challenge by adjusting our attitude so that we see the success in our actions rather than being fixated on what we think is not right about the situation.

Sometimes out of necessity we will find out that we do know more than we give ourselves credit for, and with some encouragement we can end up surprising ourselves with what we can do.

Here are a few ideas to expand your self-reliance:

  • When faced with a new situation begin by identifying what you ‘Do Know’ from your own experience and start there. Then what you really need help with will become more evident. This will highlight your self-confidence in whatever you decide to do.
  • Evaluate what people and resources can offer you in order to help you be more successful. Those resources can help you make the transition from being dependant on others to building on your own wealth of knowledge.
  • Take a moment to think about the positive feelings that you experience when you are doing something you love to do and project those feelings onto the situation you feel is difficult. Do this every time you have anxiety around a challenging situation and you may find yourself becoming more relaxed and comfortable with the idea of it.
  • Listening to ourselves means learning to be very patient with ourselves. Train yourself to take baby steps and acknowledge your successes along the way. Then gradually take larger steps. Before you know it you will accept your new state of consciousness.

Our ability to depend on ourselves when we feel that we need assistance can be tremendously reassuring and provide us with endless opportunities to foster spiritual growth. Surprise yourself next time you have an inspiration that seems just out of reach by saying, “I would love to do this. Let’s go for it!”

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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