What is CONFRONTATION? Can it be a thought or feeling not in sync or in harmony with ourselves, and where does it lead to? Communication is key to having good harmony in life and avoiding confrontation. When our thoughts are on overload or we feel stress, can we see pressure on our feelings as confrontation on our feelings?

Confrontation can begin with just a thought that does not fit with our true feelings. It works against us and goes against the grain. When this happens, our harmony from within will feel pressured and uneasy. As by our true nature we are feelings, we do have many thoughts per hour and per day so it can be easy for us to feel uneasy at times.

Trusting in ourselves that we can maintain a balance when the desire is within can lead us to harmony within ourselves and our environment. Each person we meet can have a different energy so it pays to trust in ourselves and maintain a balance.

  • Cleansing
  • Meditation
  • Working with guidance
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

The practice of these are all great ways to maintaining balance in life.

Confrontation is not a part of a harmonious and healthy life and can work against us and our environment. People who like to laugh and be happy radiate a healthy vibration that works for them and their physical wellbeing. Being happy when it comes from within is running true to ourselves. If we care about feeling good we will have less of a tendency to look outside of ourselves for things which already belong to us, for example, love, peace, harmony, happiness and contentment. Have you ever experienced confrontation when one or more of these things have been missing?

It can be easy for our intellect to send us on a roller coaster of emotions especially if our early programing has taught us confrontation as a way of life.

Our true feelings just are, they have been and always will be a perfect gathering of energy.

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