Just trust yourself then you will know how to live.
– Goethe, German poet and statesman.

“It’s a Small World” is the most played song of all time. Three hundred audio-animatronic dolls, in traditional costumes from around the world, frolic in the spirit of international unity, singing the Disneyland theme parks title song with a theme of global peace. The song reminds us,

There’s so much that we share
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all.

The feeling to the words speaks of the goodness found in humanity and the healing strength there is in joining with all human beings of different races and creeds in love and laughter. There is immense joy in giving of oneself freely without expectations.

On a broad scale, society consists of peoples and institutions with shared beliefs and cultural traditions. Typically, the more advanced countries also share a political authority. The manmade rules and regulations in society, derived from church and science, are designed to keep us respecting each other’s rights. We can live freely as long as we cause no harm. However, if we don’t adhere to the rules,we have to be willing to pay the price. In daily life, depending on our point of view, these can create limitations.

Some people have surrendered to the rules and regulation as an authority over them and lost being in touch with their own inner authority, subjecting themselves to a way of life of struggle and suffering. Others have given up, blaming the rules as the reason why they can’t accomplish anything. Others have learned to live with the rules for their convenience, while maintaining their own inner authority.

Whatever we want in our life, we must find it within ourselves first or we will always look outside to receive from others. Learning to love yourself first means you can share love from your true feelings without expecting anything in return. You may want to help your fellow man, but first you have to help yourself.

  • As an individual, understanding what you are learning from your life experiences helps you put into perspective what is important to you. With the current pandemic many people are awakening to new discoveries as to what makes them happy, realizing that it is something only they can do for themselves.
  • When you have a sincere desire to help people, trust that the universe is there to support you. Just open your heart to receive help. You may hear a lecture or a certain book may come to your attention that contains insights for you.
  • Follow your feelings. Life is meant to be fun and to be enjoyed, so savor the moment. Be involved with life itself and follow through with the inspiration you receive.
  • Having patience to achieve what you want will take you a long way in accomplishing your dream. Know it will come in the right timing.

All things have truth but no one thing has all the truth. What you learn to do for yourself is knowledge, but when you pass it on to help others, it becomes your wisdom. Everyone has freedom to choose what gives them inner peace.

Because society is a reflection of many individuals and their attitudes gathered together, there is strength and power in joining with other like-minded individuals. Together in unity with others you can assist in bringing about the change you want to see in society.

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