Living through this past year (2020) has given us the unique opportunity to slow down and take the time to tune into our inner being. To rediscover the love within and to acknowledge and recognize the love that surrounds us.
Self quarantine became a gift allowing us to see more than we ever had before. To reconnect with family and friends, appreciate the kindness of neighbours and strangers (a stranger is a friend just waiting to happen) and enjoy wildlife that shed their fear of humans and allowed us to witness their natural and joyous behaviour.

We come to planet earth with all the knowledge of the universe within us. We come with the vibrational frequency of love from the source. We wanted to be here but had no idea how confusing it could be. Eventually, this love frequency can diminish if the ego and intellectual mind overgrow our feeling heart. For some, life becomes depressing, anxious or fearful.

We can again raise our frequency or vibration through the power of intention. Our words and thoughts are frequencies emitting from our bodies. These frequencies have an amazing effect on water crystals and the average human body is 60% water. Our physical reality therefore is shaped by frequency. If we can remind ourselves to keep focusing on positive words and thoughts we can keep our vibrational frequency elevated.

One of the laws of the universe is the law of vibration. To manifest our desires or our truth, we must match our vibration with that of what we want. If we want love then feel love and we will attract that vibration. All we need to do is to walk further into the knowing of ourselves in our own rhythm, our own timing.

We need to listen to our intuition; we know the way. Our intuition tells us that everything that is happening on planet earth is taking place exactly as it should. We had a plan before we arrived here and we brought our guides for guidance. They have our best interests at heart. They are our inner knowing, our intuition. We can’t go wrong; everything happens for a reason.

Our divine plan is one of faith, trust and love. What better way to fulfill that than by knowing the truth. If something resonates with us, that is our truth. It may not be everyone’s truth but it’s our own. Everyone finds their own truth in their own time. If something feels right, if it brings peace or calmness, then that’s our truth. Remember that the vibration of fear or anxiety doesn’t resonate with the vibration of truth and love.

When you know you are here for a purpose, to anchor the light and love with every moment, there is no confusion. When you know that you are the light, the love and the truth, then you KNOW. And when you KNOW you KNOW. Sit back and relax and focus on all the good things that happened this past year. Know that you found strength and the confidence to embrace life with joy, laughter and reverence.
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