All around us we see conflict in the world. The truth is, the conflict that we see in our environment actually starts within each of us. The only way to restore balance in the world is to restore it within ourselves.

Everyone has two natures – the Feelings and the Intellect.

The Feeling Nature is the good, kind, loving part of us. This is expressed as a gut feeling or an inner knowing, a visual insight, or a small voice within and is often referred to as our “intuition”.

The Intellectual Nature is the part of us that gathers information and understanding. It helps us organize facts and systems so we can act on and accomplish our goals.

The Feeling nature and the Intellectual nature form a perfect team. We get a feeling to do something and our intellect can organize how we can do it. That’s balance! It leads to success and peace of mind.

All of us have learned responses to life that are lodged in our intellect. Worry, anxiety, arguing with ourselves – these are all emotions, not true feelings. Usually, we learn these in our early years and tend to carry them through life.

For example, you might feel good about doing something and then suddenly have doubts: “But the last time you tried something new you failed, or got hurt, or got the sack etc. etc.” If you start questioning your original feeling, there is now a conflict within. We all have this tendency to go back and forth in our head sometimes until we don’t know what we want anymore.

If there is a habit of having this kind of internal argument, the inner conflict will show up eventually in the physical body as “dis – ease”. If we listen more to our true feelings, that will be reflected in our body as being “at ease”. As we relax more, trust our feelings and know that everything is going to be all right, we may notice that the aches and pains, anxiousness or panic attacks disappear.

​If we keep repeating these patterns of conflict, they can become locked in the physical body, creating a chronic problem that requires physical intervention from a medical or other care provider.

Maintaining balance is about mindfulness. Take time to be still and notice. Nature has a way of bringing a state of peacefulness to the mind. Our peace of mind will be restored and our physical body will acquire a sense of well being and good health if we learn to go within and listen to our true feelings, the calm, caring part within us.

Our intuition will guide us when we take notice, but, like everything, it takes practice to trust it. Every journey begins with the first step. When we focus on restoring and maintaining a balance within by trusting our feelings and using the intellect to organize not analyse, we will find harmony reflected in our physical and emotional well being.

Every time we make a change to restore our balance within ourselves, it has a ripple effect that spreads to others and creates greater balance in the world. That’s empowering!

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