What are your dreams, hopes and wishes?

These set the tone for what each of us is reaching for. You could say that they set a good helpful expectation. Then, as we anticipate getting involved with them, there is a feeling of quiet excitement inside which lights us up like nothing else. Others are attracted to this extra enthusiasm or energy that we display and want to help us get there.

Even though pursuing your wishes, hopes and dreams might appear impossible at times, you really can quietly work towards fulfilling them.

However, when expectations are based on our intellect or ‘ego’, we can often end up being disappointed. Two common reasons for this dissatisfaction are:-

  • We didn’t get what we wanted in the timing that we wanted it,which is often linked to the pressure of demanding things from ourselves and others. The by-products often associated with this are emotions such as frustration, anger, and even rage.
  • We got what we were after, but, because this was based on illusions or fear, even though we got it, we didn’t feel good or satisfied afterwards. A simple example of this was the panic buying of toilet paper that occurred shortly after the global COVID-19 pandemic was declared. We can smile about this now, but at the time, there was a lot of fear in the community and in response some people bought a lot of toilet paper.

The rules and regulations in society can change according to the circumstances at a given time and these are not under your control. Often though, with a little patience and some creativity,answers often present themselves.

As always, your feelings or sensitivity hold the key to your solutions whatever the situation. There is a song that refers to the ‘facts in your feelings’. All of us are used to the idea of physical facts such as the size of a milk container but there are also facts in your feelings or in what you sense. These‘feeling facts’ are often referred to as intuition, foresight, and premonitions. Successful people make a habit of working with what they feel or sense and follow through on these impressions. Here are some more keys for greater success in this area:

  • Take the time to tune into or discern what it was you felt or sensed before you respond.
  • Next, organize yourself and plan what is needed for the successful implementation of what it was you felt or sensed. By doing this you make sure you have what you need when you need it. It can be hard to get a hat when you are in a boat in the middle of a lake when the sun comes out, and you have forgotten to bring yours with you.
  • As they say, to ensure success, timing is everything. There is no need to rush. The wisest approach is often one with a little more patience, waiting before moving into action.

Also, it’s always worth remembering to back ourselves and our endeavours by having positive thoughts. You’ll be amazed at just how far thoughts such as ‘I can do this!’ can take you.

Now you can really let yourself experience anticipation and expectation about what is truly important to you. With positive thinking, step by patient step, you can move toward making it a reality.

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