Do you ever wonder why we are so drawn to babies and little people? Could it be the magic of innocence? Life is simple for them. They trust their feelings and communicate. They share their love without having to do anything. We often hear a baby referred to as bundle of joy and we cannot help but respond to love with love.

They are totally uncensored in their communication and know how to communicate their needs. If they are hungry or need their diaper changed, they communicate loud and clear.

Then they become curious about everything around them. Exploring is natural. Do you remember that curiosity of being a child? Learning to walk and touching everything. There was something magic about everything that needed to be explored.

Then the “why” questions started. They were either quite simple to answer based on science or facts, or they challenged beliefs.

For example, if a child gets too close to the hot stove, you warn them to stay away. They ask why? It is a simple answer and easy to explain to help them understand. They were unaware and you are helping them gain experience about their environment.

On the other hand, when the “why” questions tap into our subconscious fears or question our beliefs and traditions they are not as easy to answer. You may be familiar with responses like “because I said so”, “I don’t know”, “because we have always done it that way”.

As a child did you ever pick a bouquet of dandelions for someone? The bright yellow flowers that magically turned into fairy dust and floated away. Who knew they were considered weeds to be gotten rid of? The history of opinion about dandelions has vacillated from revered to unwanted. The one thing that has never changed is the magic, the joy and the love shared by giving the bouquet to someone.

As an adult, there may be times when you feel like you just want to stop and smell the roses. At work we are often challenged to “think outside the box”. These are calls to capture the feeling of our childlike nature and be curious again.


You can bring more of that childlike energy into your daily routines. A few simple suggestions are to:


  • Set aside some time for quiet reflection at the end of the day.
    These three questions will often help guide that reflection: what did
    I enjoy, what did I learn and is there anything I would do
  • Allow time to explore the “why” behind your actions and beliefs.
    Are you being loyal to yourself or to external factors?
  • Engage in things that bring you joy and encourage you to explore.
    It is possible to take this approach in everything you do.
  • Schedule time each week to be quiet in nature. There is always
    time for this if you allow for it, and there is always nature to be
    appreciated close by.

Make time to do these things for yourself because no one will do it for you. You will find everyone in your environment will benefit. There is truth in the saying “If I am happy, everyone is happy”. These types of activities will give you more energy and may even help you sleep better.

You were born unique, and the joy in life is living that. Go ahead and rediscover the magic of dandelions in your life!

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