To have endurance is to be diligent, consistent and persistent in attaining our desired goals no matter what challenges may appear along the way.

Having endurance can be the ticket to success for our spiritual and material goals. An important aspect of achieving our desires is following our goals through to successful completion. Our ability to put one foot in front of the other and maintain our momentum is vital so that we do not become side tracked by real or imagined obstacles.

If we think we should have what we want sooner than it actually happens we may experience a feeling of discomfort when our goals are delayed, That is when it is important to take a moment and be honest and admit to ourselves if this desire is essential to our wellbeing, is it a want or is a need? As the Rolling Stones song goes, ‘You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find that you get what you need’

Having some discomfort as we pursue our goals can be an asset for our spiritual growth. The discomfort from having our goal delayed nudges us to look for solutions and answers and through them we evolve. No matter how uncomfortable, if the young bird never leaps from it’s nest it won’t learn to fly, and so broadening it’s abilities too become fully what it was born to be.

The easy way to reach our objectives is to trust ourselves and our intuition. Our intuition can provide us with a blueprint to follow so that all we have to do is trust that each breath, each small step, will lead to reaching our dream. Listening to the messages we receive from our ‘still small voice’ we can practice listening to what we innately know is best for us to do to be in the right place at the right time to manifest our desires.

Sometimes I have found that my goals were not as easy to achieve as I had first anticipated. Whether it was the financial challenges of operating and growing a small business or going back to school as an adult learner, the discomfort I felt as I faced challenging situations helped me to accept that I would need to dig a little deeper within myself to achieve what I felt was a worthwhile goal. Having endurance in a spiritual sense means to not quit or abandon our goal just because things are a little harder than we anticipated they might be. If we truly believe our dream to be worthwhile then why would we abandon it just because the pressure has increased? Pressure will come and go but the wisdom, the fruit of our labour will become part of our consciousness for eternity.

Here are a few tips to engage your endurance in your spiritual life.

  1. Take time to reflect on not only what you want to achieve but ‘why’ you feel it is important for you to achieve. This will help you to buy into the goal and release the energy to achieve it.
  2. Break down the goal into smaller steps, bite size pieces will be easier to chew, swallow and digest as we reach for our dreams.
  3. Look beyond the obstacles. Look for the joy in everything you do, all experiences are learning opportunities. That is how we grow and evolve.
  4. To have the inner security to carry on no matter what challenges appear, check that your goal is based on your true feelings. This is the good, kind, sharing, loving and understanding part of everyone.

Recognizing that life is a school and that everyday we are in class learning something can be a very helpful attitude to nurture. This perspective of life helps us to relax and see what we are experiencing as simply learning experiences or stepping stones rather than mistakes. Each lesson can bring into focus what needs to be done to turn a perceived obstacle into greater success. Success is rarely based on one experience but rather a series of experiences that bring us ever closer to our desired goal.

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