There are many demands these days on our time and energy and many things to juggle. I look at diligence as knowing what I want and going after it. Not just regarding material items, but more for evolving within myself. We live in two worlds at one time – the physical and the spiritual. Although necessary, the physical is just temporary but our soul lives on and the spiritual infuses everything. Therefore, our spiritual lives warrant at least half of our dedicated attention; constant reminders of this may be needed.

This is the time of year when people set goals for what they want to accomplish for themselves. Doing so may require you to get very quiet within yourself to really get in touch with your inner desires. What makes you happy, what makes you sing inside? We often keep ourselves so “busy” with outer things or tending to others that we lose touch with our inner desires or don’t think we have time for them, deserve them, or think we need someone’s permission to do them!

The more we can do that which gives us joy, the more joy we create; we may even inspire others to take more positive action in their lives. Whatever we want in life requires action. Everything has a price in time and effort. There is no magic fairy to grant us our wishes with the wave of a wand. It takes determination and diligence to bring our desires to actuality.

Inertia has a price too. Are you stagnating, or are you accomplishing? You get to decide what you do and what you think, and that is what you have to give.

Our thoughts and actions make up who we are. Take a moment to really listen to the thoughts that run through your head on a regular basis. It can be a very enlightening exercise! It takes conscientious effort to truly hear what we tell ourselves and to realize we don’t want some of what we have inside. This is awareness. Only we can change ourselves. Only we can take steadfast effort toward what we want and cease unconsciously perpetuating negative habits of thought that don’t serve us. It’s your life. You get to decide.


There are three main areas in life in which it helps to have clear goals:


  • your personal (spiritual) life
  • your business life (your “job” or what you spend your day doing)
  • your social life (your interactions with people)

Having a goal in each area for the upcoming year is ideal. It doesn’t have to be something big. It should be about challenging yourself to greater things, to master areas within yourself that you are less than satisfied with. Keep it simple. Be steadfast and true to what you really want for yourself. When you fall off the horse (as we all do), just get back on. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t make a big deal out of it. Just keep moving quietly forward in the direction of your dreams and desires.

Want what you want for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it! Don’t be wishy washy about it or let people or situations throw you off track. Decide what you want, then organize yourself to go after it. Keep a steady course. Employ helpful strategies and people to help you achieve your goals. When you make a decision in the direction of your dreams, all of the positive energy of the universe can move in to help.


Happy 2020!

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