“Born free as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, born free to follow your heart.”

This award winning song tells me that having free will is natural. Thinking I am a helpless victim of circumstance is a fantasy. Free will exists in this hustle and bustle we call life.

Everyone has free will and the right to personal choice.

We are independent beings and are driven by our own volition at any given moment. In my earlier years, belief in a traditional religion satisfied me as a way to live life until the practice was no longer sufficient to address my dissatisfaction. I chose an alternative way by searching spiritually within for my truth and found, with self-understanding, belief in myself and what was right action for me.

Life is good and fun when we turn inward for answers by following our heart’s desires. Life is not so good and lacks fulfillment when we turn outward, seeking answers from outside ourselves.

I used to be so involved in a past situation emotionally that my mind was always busy justifying intellectually my part in it and judging the other person for their actions. I was blind to the fact that I was choosing negatively. I was denying my true feelings, my soul part. I had expectations of myself and others according to previous training, living parental standards, outdated even though they had been well intended.

We change when we want to. Eventually, with a simple act of choosing finally to accept responsibility for my actions in this situation, I stopped blaming the other person. With making this positive, personal choice I had more empathy for the other person and respected the choices they had made. With this self-discovery it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders after years of anger.

Making a point to take some time daily to be in stillness is food for the soul. When the thinking mind is quiet and our heart is open to receive, the universe will deliver insights that are needed at any given time. As time progressed I discovered I am responsible for how I feel. That’s my free will. No one else can do that for me. I respect my commitment to feel positive. If I feel good everyone else who chooses to feel good will stay with me.

With time and change, self understanding becomes our best friend. I evolve to outgrow certain habit patterns and realize that past grudges are a waste of time. They are no longer relevant in our present life. Seeing reoccurring tendencies as patterns from the past we can quickly snuff them out by acknowledging when negative thinking is occupying our mind. Being positive at all times is essential in creating harmonious living within, regardless how things may appear on the outside.

Start this very moment to appreciate the choices you have made so far because you have the power within to change anything about yourself you choose to. Taking responsibility for where you are at means you can live life purposely with simple intentions of where you want to go. Remembering to nourish your spirit and by being positive you can live a happy life as you accomplish your dreams.

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