When you hear the expression ‘one with all things’ what does it mean to you? Have you ever thought of the immense expanse of our galaxy systems? Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there more to me and the planet which sustains me and this vast galaxy system in which I live? Is it just an end in itself or is it one dynamic means to an end?”

These thoughts would often come to me in my early years especially when lying on a beach and looking up at the stars at night. As I look at and understand planet earth in its natural state, the realisation is there that it is a self-containing and self-generating system made up of many different organisms all of which run from energy. Intelligent energy, even an amoeba which can only be seen through a microscope, has an awareness. Some plant life, including trees, has the ability to tap into water sources and to reach out and grow towards sunlight when needed. All life in our system is at different levels of consciousness via rebirth, recurrence or evolvement.

As we expand our state of consciousness, fears such as doubting self and hesitation seem to dissolve. Life becomes more joyful and we become more involved and active in what life has to offer. Through our experiences we build and grow from within. In doing this we are freeing ourselves from limitations that may stall or hinder our evolvement.

Old souls are people who are in tune and in harmony with themselves, their environment and their inner guidance. Newborns are often called old souls for this reason. Young children seem to have no fear. They are just experiencing life. Science tells us that every human being is equivalent to about four watts of power. This energy is measured in your body by British Thermal Units, or heat and it keeps the cells of your body together while you are here experiencing on planet earth.

We are, have been and will always be a perfect gathering of energy in regard to evolution and reincarnation. The process of reincarnation is mentioned in the teachings of many religions throughout the world. As that beautiful verse in the Bible states, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2)

When we pass over, pass on or make the transition we regroup with our guidance. These are our guardian angels, helpers or master souls who work with us throughout our lifetime to accomplish whatever it is that we set out to do. Then we can choose another team of helpers and return to planet earth in another physical body if we desire to do so.

We could think of reincarnation like this. It is as easy as taking a shower or bath. Stepping into the shower is like passing on or making the transition from this world to the next. Soaping and bathing is like regrouping with our guidance for this lifetime and setting new direction. Stepping out of the shower is like being born and coming back into the world and getting dressed is like being immersed in warmth, love and respect.

I am water, I will return to water. I am spirit, I will return to spirit.

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