Have you ever had the experience of doing something and then all of a sudden insight came to you on something else? Without even consciously trying, there was a revelation about something you needed help with or had been reflecting on. When these sorts of occurrences happen we feel we are in the flow, that life is serendipitous, and that all will be well. Such experiences buoy us and lift our spirits to forge ahead for another day. The key to facilitating them is to be relaxed.

Celebrating the view from the top of the mountain.

For those on the path of their inner journey, it is important to find that inner calm, inner equanimity. In doing so we can ponder upon what we have been doing to ourselves – are we working for ourselves or against ourselves. This is self-reflection. When we are still and looking inward, we can tap our inner essence that is part of the all and our progress can be made evident and solutions can become clearer to our daily challenges.

We have our own answers within, but we need to be able to access the information. It is there waiting for us. But the intellect loves to keep us busy. It is a huge detractor to reflecting on ourselves and our inner life. We must be aware of and consciously bypass the games that the intellect plays, such as worrying, judging and bitching. Or we can spend all day in these activities and then decide if they were worth the investment, the time spent. Our energy level and how we feel will likely not be where we want them to be.

Contemplating with a cup of tea

Having a regular routine for going within to reflect on the state of our inner beingness is advised. Otherwise, we can skim over the surface of our life or get distracted with “busy-ness.” The more sincere we are with ourselves, the more awareness we naturally unfold. But there needs to be willingness, an openness to see things for what they are, not how we think they are. Only you can expand your view of past experiences, future hopes and of yourself. Be kind to yourself and others. Keep your momentum moving forward and let go of the past.

Each day is a new day with hopes and goals to be reached – but can be impacted by the days before. Be at peace with what has gone before and with where you are right now. You did the best you could. Regularly reflecting on where you are, where you have been and where you are going can bring you peace. Endeavor to find a time every day to sit quietly and ask yourself:

  1. What did I do?
  2. What did I learn from that activity/interaction?
  3. What was my highlight?
  4. What would I do differently next time?

Doing so will help you to understand yourself more. Give yourself the gift of going within. For it is in understanding our inner selves that we become master of our ship, creator of our destiny.

Reflecting while the sun sets

The spiritual life is an inner journey. Self reflection facilitates that process and enhances our growth. How much time we commit to the process is up to us. At the end of your life will you wish you watched more television or spent more time online? Contemplate how you really do use your time and energy and what the return is on your investments in those and other activities.

We build better tomorrows by what we do for ourselves today. Quiet self-reflection brings peace and awareness.