Perhaps family is being one with all things. Everyone can feel like a part of our family as we are all connected. Ultimately we have a choice, to create divisions or build bridges by seeking to understand and accept, and by communicating. When we can relate effectively, we can have better relationships.

Family is about growing together, being together and supporting each other.

Hands stacked together.

One big way we can support ourselves, before we can support anyone else, is to create a healthy family within ourselves, and with our inner guidance. There are two parts to us. Our heart or feeling part gives us ideas, inspirations, suggestions, nudges. Our head or intellect gets the facts organized for our direction, and we can then put the ideas into action.

The perfect family within you is created when you find a balance between your two natures. You can experience inner harmony because you have found a way to use all your tools. Your intuition is one of these tools. It guides you through life, if you listen. Your intuition comes from your feeling nature. Were you ever able to predict something and it happened? How did you know? You just knew! And have you ever had a nudge, feeling or thought to do something but then talked yourself out of it because of doubt or fear? And then you kicked yourself because you lost a good opportunity? When you trust yourself and follow through with your intention or plan, you will be where you need to be.

Other than the family we make with ourselves, there are many kinds of family: the nuclear family, extended family, spiritual family, adoptive family, etc. Some people consider their friends, colleagues or neighbours as their family in the absence of their biological family.

Extended world family.

The family we were born into is where we start our life in a physical body and get our early training. It is also where we may experience challenges that can help us grow.

Whatever we consider our family, it can be a tremendous source of support and comfort, a safety net. However, some people have conflicts and entanglements with family members. Some people grow apart while others find ways to mend fences. Also, some people believe that we can choose our friends but not our family. However, others believe that we choose our parents and the circumstances we are born into as they are what our soul needs in this lifetime for its growth and expansion. Regardless of our circumstances, we are all learning and growing. You might have noticed that if you don’t learn certain lessons and overcome blockages, limitations or challenges, situations will continue to be presented to you until you face what you need to learn. In this regard, you can view challenges with family members as opportunities for your own growth.

The key to dealing effectively with these relationship challenges is to start with building harmony within ourselves. Here are some suggestions for more harmony with yourself and others:

  • Communicate! Communication is the key to building healthy relationships. Take time to connect, both with yourself and others.Communicating with a handshake.
  • Take time daily to meditate and relax. Solutions and answers will surface.
  • Express your gratitude and appreciation. Everyone appreciates being acknowledged. Start with yourself. Also, express your concerns in a loving or gentle way.
  • Be genuinely kind, present, patient and attentive.
  • Make every effort to change your actions that annoy yourself and others. Lead by example. Actions speak louder than words. Saying sorry but repeating sabotaging habits is insincere.
  • Consider other points of view. Also, consider cultural differences instead of reacting negatively.
  • Remember that everyone is doing the best they can and growing at their own pace.

We can make a positive difference by having harmonious relationships – first with ourselves and then with everyone around us. Perhaps now, more than ever before, the human family members need to be attentive, making sure we connect. We have a choice, to hide behind our mobile devices and daily busy-ness or take time to look people in the eye, smile and connect. What kind of world do we want to create? What do we find most fulfilling?