Do you remember a time when you felt totally at peace with yourself and focused in the present? Perhaps you were in the mountains, by the ocean, listening to music, or singing songs with a group of people.

Walking by the beach at sunset.

There is something guiding you to these experiences. Some call it Guidance, Angels, God, Spirit, the Universe, etc. Whatever you want to call it, there is a higher presence around you, always guiding you.

Your guidance or angels give you “goosebumps” when they come close. This can mean that they want to communicate more directly with you, or want you to pay attention to something.

To have more daily experiences with guidance, take the time to relax. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your guidance to come close.

Western society is very focused on doing and accomplishing, which is great. However, there are studies showing the benefits of meditating for your spiritual, mental, feeling, and physical health. In other words it is important to also focus on BEING and not just DOING.

Relaxing at work.

I think of it as a balancing act. I accomplish, but I also take time to go within and listen to my soul nature and my guidance.

Maybe you already practice some kind of relaxation/meditation routine on a regular basis. Whatever you find works, there are so many benefits for your life when you take the time to be centered from your inner self.

It doesn’t mean you have to retreat from life and meditate on your navel! Some people get to that place of quiet by taking a walk, holding a child, swimming, getting a massage or some other physical activity. Other may take some time in nature, breathing in and out gazing at a beautiful scene, at the stars, at a beautiful garden or a piece of art. A lot of people do yoga.

Speaking from personal experience it is a very positive habit to cultivate, even if you take just five minutes a day to slow down. Call your guidance in close to you, detach from all the hustle and bustle in your mind and you will get in touch with your center, a place where your thoughts and feelings become attuned and you can align with your guidance.

Here are some keys to relax and be receptive to your inner guidance:

  1. Select or create a peaceful space with little or no distractions.Relaxing at work.
  2. Breathing deeply to relax.
  3. Take a couple of deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind of any thoughts or worries, focusing on the present. Roll your shoulders and your neck. Open and close your jaw to relax.
  4. Continue breathing in and out, focusing on the breath and away from thoughts, being in the present, becoming receptive to inner guidance.
  5. If your mind will not be still, meditate in a natural setting which is conducive to reaching a deep level of stillness.

Everyone has personal guidance whose sole aim is to back you in your life purpose. All it takes to tune in is to relax, and listen.