Donna Fuechtman

"If you can't be happy all the time something is wrong." A quote from the founder of the Inner Peace Movement programs.

"It's not that I was unhappy or felt any lack of or sense of gratitude but it did make me stop to wonder if I was really getting all the richness and fullness out of life that I could be."

Born and raised in rural Alberta Donna finished a 35 year career as a Banking Executive, bringing her valuable experiences and understanding to the needs of people on all levels. Years earlier Donna began diversifying her interests, education, training and understanding in a wide variety of spiritual movements and practices bringing awareness to her own spiritual nature and potential, unique within each of us.

"I began to get a deeper understanding of my experiences, bringing a new perspective and approach to life. It is a real joy, that bubbles up from within and remains constant knowing I have gained some degree of mastery over life's situations."

Her approach is genuine and to the point, a practical and simplified means to bring harmony into the physical and spiritual situations we encounter each day. She shares practical, effective tools for better living with a step by step approach through Lectures, Workshops, Retreats & Personal Private Consultation exploring areas for expansion, healing and growth.

Orientation Lectures

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- Sherwood Park

Tue, 17 Sep 2019 - 01:00pm & 07:00pm
County Hall Building (Lower Level), 2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park