Philip Ponchet

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C. of French immigrant parents, Philip Ponchet learned to speak French before he learned English and now calls Nova Scotia home.

Philip has been a life long searcher and remembers growing up in the farming area outside Victoria with a strong feeling that there was more to life than the physical, "I felt frustrated that I couldn't understand what that something more was", he says, "I remember walking home from school and talking out loud to God, but I wanted a reply. Years later when I became involved with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada, I realized it had been my angels that I was talking to and that they could answer me if I would only listen to them."

Philip believes that the answer to any 'problem' that we might encounter in life can be found by listening to our inner voice and that the tools and techniques offered by the Inner Peace Movement of Canada can help us access the wealth of wisdom we carry within.

Orientation Lectures

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British Columbia

- Smithers

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 - 01:00pm
Full Circle Yoga Studio, 1283 Main Street, Smithers